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I am a freelance web designer located in San Diego, CA. As an experienced web designer, I develop high-end custom web sites for all industries. I love working on new creative web design concepts. You will find samples of my work throughout my blog. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's mark 2012 with a new post. What happened to the blog!

Well let's face it even though blogs are a great way to communicate with the world, it can be challenging to find time to blog.

2012 starts busy and hopefully will be prosperous for all my clients and prospect clients.

I hope that small businesses will be very prosperous and that new companies will open their door this year. It is obvious that the slow economy has had a toll on all of us, but I know that there is still a lot of work for me out there. The competition is great, but the loyalty of my clients have been my strength. I deliver quality work at a good price, and I am always available.

I have been lucky enough to stay busy. I have great plans for 2012. One big goal is to keep up with new technology such as CSS, XML, WordPress and php online store.

Happy New Year 2012 to All of You!

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Sandra Smith